Fall Season Plumbing Maintenance and Upkeep Tips: The East Valley Edition

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Hello to our valued East Valley area residents! As a professional licensed plumbing company proudly serving this unique area of Arizona, we have seen firsthand how the seasonal shifts can impact our plumbing systems. With the cooler fall season encroaching, it’s essential to be proactive. Here’s a guide tailored specifically for our East Valley area homeowners.


  1. Insulate Pipes in Vulnerable Spots:
    While the East Valley enjoys milder winters than many places, we still get those surprising cold snaps. Especially if you have exposed pipes or those in non-insulated areas, consider insulating them to ward off any potential problems.
  2. Water Heaters Matter:
    Residents of Scottsdale know – a chilly morning requires a warm shower. Check your water heater for any rust, leaks, or sediment buildup. It might be a good time for a quick flush or even a tune-up to avoid an emergency plumbing repair in the future.
  3. Clear Gutters and Downspouts:
    Those lovely trees that shade our East Valley homes? They drop leaves that can quickly clog our gutters and downspouts. Clean them out regularly to prevent backups.
  4. Address Leaks Promptly:
    Even that small drip in your bathroom sink or a toilet that runs too long can become a significant issue if left unattended. Given our area’s unique water profile, undetected leaks increase your utility expenses more than you might expect.
  5. Outdoor Faucets and Desert Landscaping:
    Our unique desert landscapes require attention too. Remove hoses, drain them, and check your outdoor faucets and irrigation systems for leaks. Address these before the temperature dips further.
  6. Check Septic Systems:
    If you’re one of the many East Valley homes with a septic system, a pre-winter pump, service, and septic inspection might be a wise choice.
  7. Prep Your Kitchen for the Holidays:
    With the festive season around the corner, make sure your garbage disposal can handle the increased workload. Any abnormal noises are a sign that your disposal may need maintenance. Remember, avoid pouring grease down the drain or trying to grind fibrous veggies.
  8. Ensure Optimal Water Pressure:
    Water pressure is vital for our day-to-day tasks, and it may seem like more is better, but for the health of your pipes and fixtures, Arizona’s Dukes of Air recommend that you keep it below 80 psi. Consider installing a pressure reducer if needed.
  9. Know Your Home:
    Every member of your household in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas should be familiar with the main water shut-off valve’s location. It can be a lifesaver in emergencies. Many newer homes have a separate shut-off for the outside plumbing fixtures so be sure to identify that one as well.
  10. Bathroom Maintenance:
    Especially in high-traffic areas like bathrooms, check for any signs of water damage or mold. The fall season is a good time to re-caulk around the tub, shower, and sink, ensuring all seals are watertight. This will save you from potential water damage later.
  11. Sewer Line Checks:
    Given the unique soil composition in the Scottsdale area, shifts can occasionally cause issues with sewer lines. If you notice any unusual odors or slow drainage, it might be a good idea to have your sewer lines checked for potential blockages or breaks before your family visits for the holiday season.
  12. Water Softeners and Filters:
    Our region can have hard water, which might leave deposits on our fixtures and can cause wear over time. Check and, if necessary, replace water filters and ensure your water softener is functioning correctly. Topping off your brine tank or servicing the sediment filter is always a good idea as regular maintenance can enhance the lifespan of these systems.
  13. Tend to Your Outdoor Kitchen:
    Many homes in the East Valley area boast fantastic outdoor kitchens. Before the cooler weather hits, inspect your outdoor plumbing fixtures. Draining and winterizing these systems are essential to keep your kitchen cooking!
  14. Hose Bibs:
    While we don’t experience the severe cold seen in northern states, temperatures can sometimes get low enough to cause problems. Turn off the water to exterior hose bibs and drain any remaining water from the fixtures to prevent frozen pipes or potential bursts.
  15. Sump Pumps:
    While it’s very rare due to the frost depth being shallow, some homes in the East Valley area have basements and sump pumps. Test yours to ensure it’s working correctly. A quick check can prevent potential flooding.
  16. Inspect Vents:
    Ensure that all vents to your plumbing system (often located on your roof) are clear of debris, nests, or any other obstructions. Blocked vents can affect the efficiency of your drainage system.
  17. Plan Ahead:
    If you’re considering any major plumbing projects, the fall is an excellent time to get started. Whether it’s renovating an entire bathroom, upgrading to a tankless water heater, or updating your kitchen plumbing fixtures, the milder weather makes it an ideal time.


To sum up, your home is an investment, and so is its plumbing system. A little proactive care now, especially considering our specific challenges in the East Valley area, can save you a lot of time, money, and stress in the future.


For tailored advice, consultations, or any plumbing emergencies, remember that your local Scottsdale plumbing professionals are always here to assist. Here’s to a seamless fall season and beyond!


Stay safe and enjoy the beauty of fall in the East Valley area!

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