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Soft Water System Repair

Although soft water systems are usually reliable and require little maintenance, sometimes they need repair. Some repairs look like:

  • Cleaning the tank
  • Cleaning the resin bed
  • Cleaning the brine tank

How will you know if your soft water system needs some repairs? Look for these signs:

  • Salty water
  • Decrease in water pressure
  • Film on skin
  • Skin is sticky or itchy
  • Hard water stains

A soft water system removes water-hardening minerals like calcium and magnesium. Your water won’t make those yucky limescale rings in your tub or sink once the soft water system starts producing soft water. Having a system like this solves the issue of crystals in your coffee maker, teapot, or in your plumbing. Ask AZ’s Dukes of Air to help with repairs to an existing soft water system.

Soft Water System Installation

Modern soft water systems are expected to have a lifespan of 10-15 years. By taking care of your soft water system and performing routine maintenance, your softener should last a long time. Like our skin, if we don’t care for it, it can become damaged. Sometimes appliances just need to be replaced. Maybe you have never had a soft water system and now realize that you would like to have one installed. You have come to the right place – Arizona’s Dukes of Air can perform the installation of your new soft water system with precision. Choosing Dukes of Air for your soft water system installation ensures you the most professional service.

The professional technicians at Dukes of Air bring specialized knowledge to the table. Their expertise in plumbing enables them to:

  • Accurately connect your new softener system to your home’s plumbing
  • Expertly recommend the best location to install your system
  • Answer any questions you may have.
  • Analyze your water and recommend the best system for your home

At the end of the day, AZ’s Dukes of Air has your back! Actually, we have your scaly corroded pipes and dry skin, but let’s not split hairs (soft or dry).

For Soft Water System Repair you can depend on Arizona’s Dukes of Air. Let our many 5-star reviews paint a story of how we put our customers first and deliver the best quality services in Arizona! That’s why we proudly say, “None compare to Dukes of Air.”

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