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A hot water system is the key to keeping your home running smoothly. It provides you with a supply of hot water for dishes, laundry, and baths. Not only does a hot water system make your life easier, it also comes with a range of benefits that are sure to make your family happy. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should invest in a hot water system for your home.

  • On Demand Hot Water – a hot water system ensures that you have a steady supply of hot water – even when multiple showers are being utilized at the same time
  • Convenience – a hot water system delivers a supply of heated water right to your faucets, so you can easily take care of all of your cleaning needs
  • Savings on energy bills – heated water accounts for a large percentage of most homes’ energy usage, so installing a new hot water system can help reduce your monthly energy bill by hundreds of dollars each year

Signs that your traditional water heater is struggling to keep up:

  • Not so hot, hot water – we are talking about that funky lukewarm water temp. Simply put, if your water isn’t hot when you want it to be, you may have an issue with your water heater
  • Loud noises – water heaters shouldn’t be producing loud noises, so if your unit’s having an underage party, it’s time to call the parents
  • Leaks – a leak could mean that an inlet/outlet pipe is loose – call the plumbing experts at Dukes of Air immediately if you identify a leak from your water heater, preferably before the cost of the damage spirals out of control
  • Rust – if your water is rusty, it may indicate that the inside of your water heater is beginning to corrode and headed for a leak – call us immediately
  • Odors – if your water is stinky/smelly, it may indicate a high level of bacteria has settled in your system (don’t blame the stinky on your spouse)

If your home is not outfitted with a water filtration system, sediment will accumulate at the bottom of your water heater. Over time, this accumulation can cause efficiency problems and heighten your unit’s risk for corrosion and leaks. If it’s not the right time to consider installing a water filtration system, make sure you give us a call; we’ll come and flush your water heater.

For water heater repair, maintenance and installation services, depend on Arizona’s Dukes of Air. Let our many 5-star reviews paint a story of how we put our customers first and deliver the best quality services in Arizona! That’s why we proudly say, “None compare to Dukes of Air.”