Installation of faucets and repairing of faucets

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Installation of Faucets:

When Dukes of Air does an installation job, we not only make sure everything is working as it should, but we also show you how to use and maintain the new equipment. Like your lucky hat, kitchen faucets can wear down and need to be replaced. Maybe you are redecorating and choosing a new faucet for your kitchen or bathroom. You would want a new faucet installed in certain cases like:

  • Mineral build up
  • The life span of your faucet
  • Rust
  • Leaking
  • Poor water pressure

Whatever the reason (no judgment here), we can install a new one for you. Contact Dukes of Air for professional kitchen sink faucet and bathroom faucet installation.

Repairing of Faucets:

Dukes of Air provides fixture repair services and immediate service. Don’t let the repair need escalate (like Uncle Bob’s blood pressure!) – reach out to a plumbing technician from our team of highly qualified experts. Plumbing repairs can be a complicated job and now that we offer our Plumbing services, we can handle that faucet repair. Every plumbing repair job is important to us, no matter how big or small.

What causes a faucet to leak? We are so glad you asked. Here are some common causes of a leaking faucet, whether in the kitchen or bathroom:

  • Damaged cartridge (depending on faucet type)
  • Broken washers
  • Water pressure
  • Malfunctioning O-ring
  • Deteriorated valve seat

If one of our plumbers-extraordinaire is already in your home working on a leaky or broken faucet, they might be able to replace the faucet for you right then and there – given that you have the new faucet in your possession already. Our plumbers are incredible, but they can’t go shopping with you or for you. Replacing a faucet in the kitchen or bathroom is routine for a plumber, so if the repair turns into a replacement, our expert plumbers can handle the job with ease, and in most cases, within an hour.

You can fully rely on our talented plumbing technicians to save you from that – you know better – DIY plumbing project you haven’t gotten around to, yet. When you think of DIY, we humbly ask that you DI-DON’T! Projects like these, without the skills necessary to produce the best outcome, lead to leaks you don’t want, money wasted and latent damage that could cost even more. Save your money and your time (perhaps your marriage) and let the expert plumbers of Dukes of Air handle your plumbing needs.

For Faucet Installation and Repair you can depend on Arizona’s Dukes of Air. Let our many 5-star reviews paint a story of how we put our customers first and deliver the best quality services in Arizona! That’s why we proudly say, “None compare to Dukes of Air.”

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