When Should You Replace Your AC Unit?

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Many homes have AC units to help people with cooling of their houses during the warmer seasons. AC units will last for a long time and provide cool air, but they will eventually wear down, just like any other pieces of technology. It can be difficult to figure out when you should replace or upgrade your AC unit, so keep your eyes open for these signs.

You Own an Old Unit

As AC units become older, they will naturally become less effective and begin to have problems. They may even begin to break down, which can cost you money in repairs. As a general rule, you should look into replacing your AC units when you have had them for 10 years or more. This is because you can purchase better and more efficient units at this point.

A Drop in Efficiency

You will also notice that your AC units will drop in efficiency when they begin to wear down. This means that they will take a longer time to cool down your home and they may not work as well when you set them to colder temperatures. Make sure to look out for this and see if your house takes longer to cool down than it did before.

Your Electric Bill Increases

On top of dropping in efficiency, you will also notice that your electric bill will increase. This happens when you need to run your AC unit for longer periods of time. On top of this, it might use more electricity than other units, which will naturally increase your electric bill. So if your electric bill is becoming more expensive, then you should look into replacements.


Some people may struggle when it comes to identifying AC units that need to be replaced. However, if you look out for these signs, then you can use them to decide if you should replace them. This way, you can save yourself some money by avoiding repairs and giving yourself more efficient AC units in your home.

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