What to Expect with New A/C Installation in Gilbert, AZ

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A brand new air conditioner can provide your home with cool air to escape from the sky-high temperatures that Gilbert, AZ is so well known for. However, to first have it installed, the help of a professional HVAC technician is necessary. Since most homeowners don’t know what to expect with the process, our team at The Dukes of Air would like to share a little bit about what you can expect. With the tips below, you’ll know more about each step and what it takes for a technician to get your new unit installed.

1. Find the Right Opening

During the consultation for your new air conditioner, your technician should determine what the best method of installation will be. For some, this means going through the garage or front door with the new unit. However, for others, it may require the use of a crane to get the equipment to the backyard or roof. Depending on the choice, it’s important to keep these areas clear so the installers can get around easily.

2. Expect a Long Day

Most HVAC systems take anywhere from six to eight hours to fully install. While this varies based on the size and model, it’s normally a long day to have the installation done the right way. Fortunately, your team will work as efficiently as possible to ensure you’re all set by the time they are finished. In most cases, we recommend clearing a day so you’re able to stay for the duration of the install.

3. Modifications Around the House

In some situations, modification to the ductwork may be necessary to make sure the new unit can be safely installed. Electrical updates and adjustments may also be required for the unit to work properly, so discuss any changes with your technician before they get started. In most situations, they’ll know exactly what needs to be done before they ever walk through the door.

4. Testing

Before your technicians leave for the day, they will go ahead and test your HVAC unit to make sure it’s working as it should. They’ll discuss the details, show you what they did, and answer any questions you might have. With this information, you’ll know everything that was done so you can enjoy confidence with your new heating and cooling unit.

A New A/C in Your Gilbert Home

If you need a new air conditioner in your Gilbert, AZ home, give our team at The Dukes of Air a call. We specialize in the effective and safe installation of all sizes of HVAC units.

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