Why Your HVAC Thermostat Reads Incorrectly (And When To Call An Arizona HVAC Technician)

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For Arizona homeowners, an inaccurate thermostat can be an annoying (and surprisingly expensive) problem. Thermostat issues are extremely common in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and they require immediate attention from a qualified HVAC professional. When a thermostat malfunctions, it can cause the system’s cooling cycle to turn off before it actually finishes. This is called “short-cycling,” and it can eventually cause air conditioner components to burn out.

Fortunately, most thermostat problems are relatively minor, and technicians can complete repairs while performing a regular maintenance check-up. Here are a few of the most common causes of a malfunctioning thermostat:

  • Power Problems – When addressing any HVAC issue, the best course of action is to start with the simplest possible solution. Replacing a thermostat’s batteries can sometimes fix the issue. If the thermostat doesn’t seem to trigger the HVAC unit, it may have faulty wiring, which should be fixed by a professional.
  • Dust and Dirt – As every Arizonan knows, dust can find its way anywhere. Debris in your wiring can prevent it from registering temperatures correctly, causing erratic performance.
  • Improper Location – Ideally, your thermostat should be installed close to the HVAC return. If it’s exposed to windows, sunlight, or heat sources, it could register inaccurately and trigger your HVAC system at inappropriate times. If the thermostat is installed on drywall, drafts from behind the drywall could also cause issues.
  • Clogged Air Filters – When your air conditioner’s filter gets clogged, it won’t work as effectively, and the thermostat will have trouble determining the temperature. This is especially true if the thermostat is located near the cold air return. Check your air filter regularly and change it when necessary. In most homes, that means changing the filter every three months or so, but if you have pets, change it more frequently.

While these are some of the most common issues affecting thermostat performance, dozens of other HVAC problems can cause inaccurate readings. The HVAC experts at Arizona’s Dukes of Air are always ready to help. We serve homeowners and businesses throughout the Phoenix metropolitan region including Queen Creek, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Gilbert. Contact us today to schedule a visit.

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