Whoever Heard of A Squealing Air Conditioner?

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Air conditioning units can make a lot of noise. Some of these noises are a completely normal process of their system. Other noises, like squealing or screeching, may mean there is something wrong.

Why Is My AC Squealing?
Squealing is a strange word to describe any sort of noise that an appliance might make. Since appliances are not human (and shouldn’t have much to squeal about anyway) this sound should not be taken lightly.

A squealing A/C unit usually means there’s something wrong with the blower or fan. This kind of noise is high pitched and can be constant. If your air conditioning unit is squealing, you will know. The sound is loud and often unpleasant.

The Fan Belt May Be To Blame
A fan belt is a flat belt that connects several components together. When an air conditioner is squealing on a regular basis, the fan belt is usually incorrectly aligned or worn out. Since the words “regular basis” can be somewhat ambiguous, the definition coincides with the weather.

When temperatures change and humidity levels rise, the A/C belt can expand and contract. When this happens, the squealing can come and go. Just because the squealing has ended for an extended period of time, does not mean it won’t come back. To properly fix a squealing air conditioning unit, it may need a professional repair job.

To Replace Or Repair?
Whether you choose to replace or repair your air conditioning unit is a personal choice that everyone must make for his or herself. That being said, there are some questions to consider.

1.) Is your Air Conditioner older than your dictionary? Air conditioning units can last a long time, but if it’s over 15 years old then it might be more expensive to repair than to replace. A typical air conditioner runs for about ten to fifteen years. After that, routine repairs may be the norm.

2.) Is your energy bill creeping up? If your air conditioner is still running, it may seem like there isn’t a problem. If your power bills are steadily increasing, there is.

3.) Have you called a professional? A professional can tell you whether you can simply repair the unit or if you truly need to buy a new one. Rather than buying parts you may not need or spending hours on a project that isn’t worth it, an inspection can help you figure out what will work best for you and your budget.

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