What You Need to Know About AC Unit Repair

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As soon as your air conditioning starts acting up, it’s wise to have it repaired immediately. But not all AC repairs are equal: make sure to hire a reputable company like Arizona’s Dukes of Air if you are in the Phoenix, AZ area who can take the best approach to fixing it for your system.

If you’re searching for an AC repair company, get recommendations from people who have worked with them previously to avoid hiring service professionals who cannot provide what you require. This can save you from hiring professionals who won’t deliver the level of care necessary.

Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coils are essential parts of an AC unit. Situated indoors near the air handler, this component absorbs heat from your home’s conditioned air before turning it into cool air.

Coil works together with outdoor condenser coil to facilitate heat exchange in your HVAC system. As refrigerant travels through copper tubes in the evaporator, its form transforms from liquid to gas as it extracts heat and moisture from air.

Dust or debris build-up on an evaporator coil can prevent it from effectively dissipating heat, impacting efficiency and leading to costly repairs.

Your coil should be professionally cleaned between one and three times annually depending on usage and environmental conditions, to prevent corrosion that could eventually cause it to fail and break down. A professional can ensure your coil is free from corrosion that could eventually compromise its functionality and lead to further breakdown.


The thermostat serves as the heart of your air conditioning unit, controlling exactly how much cool air comes out of it and stopping or starting cooling/heating cycles depending on how much of that conditioned air remains to be released from its reserve.

Thermostats play an integral part in many systems, from heating and cooling devices, such as AC units, to fuel management devices and other types of appliances.

If your thermostat in your home is malfunctioning, it could be an indicator that it needs replacing. A simple issue may be resolved without needing professional services; however, if its functionality becomes cumbersome or inconvenient to use then professional fixes will likely be required.

Thermostats are an integral component of any HVAC system and should always remain in top shape to maximize its effectiveness. Proper maintenance will keep them working at their best.

Condensation Drain

Condensate drain lines in your air conditioning system are an integral component. They ensure moisture leaves your AC, helping protect it against potential damage and prolonging its useful lifespan.

Your AC unit produces condensation during hot seasons. Evaporator coils dispel this water into a pan that then runs down through a drain line to an exit pipe.

Over time, this drain line may become clogged with dirt and debris that causes its draining system to remain open – leading to continuous dripping that eventually results in flooding.

At least once every year, it is recommended to inspect and clean/unclog your drain line by an HVAC repair expert before it becomes an issue.

Clogged drains can present many health and safety challenges, including mold growth. Mold can quickly spread throughout your home, leading to allergies or other respiratory ailments for residents.


Filters are an integral component of your heating and cooling system. They filter the air that passes through them to ensure it remains free from dust, pollen, mold spores and other pollutants that pollute its quality.

Filtered air is essential to living a healthier lifestyle and reducing allergy attacks and improving overall health. Unfortunately, when filters become dirty they become less efficient at filtering the air that comes through, resulting in poorer quality air filtering through them.

Regular air filter replacement can significantly enhance air quality while simultaneously helping your system run more efficiently and saving on energy consumption.

Clean and replace AC filters is a straightforward process. Simply take steps to access panels of the unit, remove old filter from storage and install new one in its place.

If you need help contact Arizona’s Dukes of Air and our Expert AC unit technicians can help you.

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