Signs That You Need Emergency AC Repair

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Are you having issues with your air conditioning system? It may be time for emergency AC repair. Getting these issues taken care of promptly can save you from further discomfort and costly repairs.

Be on the lookout for warning signs that your air conditioning needs repair, such as unusual temperature or power outage. These could indicate that an urgent air conditioning repair is necessary, so be sure to be alerted.

Unusual Noises

Unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner can be a warning sign of something amiss. Being alert for these warnings will help keep both you and your family safe in the home, while keeping everyone comfortable.

Rattling sounds are usually indicative of loose or broken parts causing the system to vibrate. It could also be due to debris buildup that’s been in the unit for some time.

Squealing sounds are another indication that there may be an issue with the blower motor in your system. If it starts squealing, immediately shut down the system and contact Emergency AC Repair company like Arizona’s Dukes of Air for assistance.

Hissing or bubbling sounds may indicate a refrigerant leak that needs to be addressed promptly. If not addressed promptly, this issue can cause your unit to freeze and damage its evaporator coils.

Screaming or whistling noises are usually indicative of an overloaded compressor, which poses a major safety risk to your health and safety. To prevent the unit from exploding, make sure it’s fixed promptly.

Strange Smells

While your AC unit is cooling your home, you may notice strange smells coming out of it. These should be taken seriously and checked out promptly to guarantee the working of your AC system is optimized.

Mold and mildew are often responsible for these strange smells. These fungi can be hazardous to your health, so it’s important to address them as soon as possible.

A musty or dusty smell could be due to dirt and debris buildup in your AC unit or ductwork. If this is the case, a simple AC cleaning should provide relief.

If the odor persists, contact an HVAC expert like Arizona’s Dukes of Air to investigate.

Burning odors are not common, but they may indicate electrical issues with circuit boards or power wires. Do not attempt to fix these problems yourself unless you are an experienced and certified AC repair expert.

Keep an eye out for the smell of rotting eggs, which could indicate a natural gas leak.

Low Air Flow

If the air flow coming out of your vents appears weak, it could be indicative that your system isn’t reaching all areas it needs to cool. This could be due to a variety of issues like a clogged filter or damaged ductwork.

Fortunately, most air flow issues are fairly simple to resolve. Unfortunately, neglecting them could have serious repercussions for your air conditioner, so it’s essential that you address them promptly.

If you notice that the air coming out of your vents is warm or hot when it should be cold, be sure to first check the thermostat settings. It could be an easy mistake to set it to “heat” instead of “cool.”

Burning Odor

On occasion, you may smell a burning smell when turning on your heater. This is usually harmless and should dissipate within minutes.

If you detect an unpleasant odor, it could be due to dust and other particles burning off on the heat exchanger or burners. To solve the problem, change your air filter and contact an HVAC professional for inspection of your system.

If your heating system has recently been installed, it may emit a chemical smell due to the glue used in its construction. Usually, this odor dissipates after some time has elapsed; however, it would be wise to contact an HVAC expert to inspect your home and check the ductwork for issues.

If the smell of burning plastic or rotting eggs pervades your home, it could be indicative of serious electrical damage in your AC system. While this is rarely experienced, if it does occur, contact an AC contractor right away for assistance.

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