Make the Call: Common Air Conditioner Concerns

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When the temperatures start to rise and the humidity feels thicker in the air, you, like many others, likely find yourself closing up the windows and turning on the air conditioner. Perhaps you’ve noticed, however, that your unit doesn’t seem quite as useful as it did last summer. Pay attention to particular issues that require the assistance of a professional.

Shooting Ice
If your air conditioner is shooting ice across the room, a buildup has likely occurred in the unit. In some cases, this issue can actually indicate that the air conditioner is close to dying. You don’t want to came home from work on a sweltering hot day only to discover that you can’t cool down, so give the repair company a ring to get this issue fixed.

Warm Air
The unit might be functioning in the sense that it is still circulating air, but you might notice that this air is unpleasantly warm. A problem with the cooling function of the unit is likely at work, and you want to make sure you can get those temperatures back down before the hottest days of summer arise.

Squeaking or Squealing
Air conditioners can make noise, and you may even have come to appreciate the familiar soft sound of your window unit as you’re sleeping at night. However, some noises are abnormal. A squeaking or squealing sound coming from an air conditioner could indicate some sort of issues with the fan.

Power Outages
You may also notice that your air conditioner keeps losing power. This problem could hail from the unit itself, or you may have an electrical issue occurring in the home. You do not want to attempt to solve this type of issue yourself because doing so could pose an extreme danger. Always leave electrical issues to the professionals.

A broken air conditioner is a bummer, especially when all you want to do is relax in the cold after a day outside in the hot sun. When you are alert to potential issues coming into fruition, you can schedule AC repairs with our local HVAC company before you end up without any cooling at all.

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