How To Make An Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient?

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For many homeowners, few appliances prove more vital to their comfort and well-being than air conditioners. That said, increased usage of such components, especially during oppressively hot and humid summer days, can yield significantly heightened electrical costs. Fortunately, however, employing energy conservation measures when operating such devices might reduce these expenses.

The Dukes of Air, an air conditioning and heating contracting company serving the residents of Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek and surrounding Arizona regions, invites our existing and potential customers to read the following short blog highlighting several tips designed to expand an air conditioning unit or centralized system’s efficiency.

Keep Windows And Doors Firmly Shut

Keeping windows and doors open even slightly allows the air circulated by an individual unit or centralized system to escape. Such events forces the unit to work harder to produce intended results, which ultimately leads to increased electrical charges.

Fill Any Existing Structural Leaks

Damage to a home’s exterior components, such as the roof or internal areas, like the attic could precipitate the development of spaces that permit warm air to enter the dwelling. This infusion of warm air places significant strain on individual units or centralized air conditioning systems. Ergo, said devices will run for extended periods, this resulting in potentially exorbitant energy costs.

Change Air Filters Routinely

Regardless of whether the home owner operates an individual, wall unit or a centralized system, few components are more crucial to optimal maintenance than clean filters. Filters laden with environmental debris, such as dirt, dust and pollen could significantly inhibit a unit’s efficiency.

Draw Curtains And Blinds

Few resources produce as much light and heat as the sun. Homeowners can curtail or prevent natural sunlight from entering their homes by simply drawing blinds and curtains during the daylight hours.

Refrain From Operating Heat-Generating Appliances

The operation of heat-generating appliances like ovens and clothes driers limit an air conditioner’s efficiency. Granted, these critical devices must be run from time to time. However, whenever possible, cooking and clothes drying should be performed at off-peak air conditioning usage times, such as in the early morning or later in the evening.

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