How To Keep Your Arizona AC Unit Running Efficiently

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Surviving an Arizona summer will prove impossible without a smooth-running AC unit. Whether you reside in Mesa, Queen Creek, or Tempe, it’s essential to keep your HVAC system working properly. To prevent malfunctions and costly damage, here are some tips on how you can keep your air conditioning system running efficiently.

Replace Air Filters
When air filters get clogged, your AC unit has to work harder to pump air through the vents. As a result, less air circulates through the home, and the air filter collects more dirt. Industry professionals recommend changing your air filter once a month to improve your system’s performance.

Remove Debris
AC units often collect debris, dust, and other contaminants. When this happens, it overwhelms the system. What’s more, it makes your unit more vulnerable to unrepairable damage. If you’re unsure of how to remove leaves, dirt, etc., refer to the owner’s manual. You’ll find an instructional guide that’ll walk you through the process.

Clean Air Ducts
Air duct cleaning plays a pivotal role in the function of your HVAC system. Not only does cleaning your air ducts keep your unit well-oiled, but it also eliminates air pollutants. In other words, it keeps the environment safe and devoid of toxins. As your system begins to run more efficiently, you’ll notice a difference in the air quality.

Insulate Exposed Ductwork
It’s critical that you seal all ductwork that runs through an unconditioned space. Otherwise, it’s liable to cause a leak. For added protection, specialists suggest insulating your ductwork. To find the proper material, consult with a professional.

Contact An AC Repair Company
Even if you heed the above advice, professional maintenance is required to keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape. At Arizona’s Dukes of Air, we know what it takes to keep AC units operating at peak efficiency. For all your AC repair and installation needs, give us a call at 480-773-6565.

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