How to Improve Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Gilbert, AZ

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The key to a comfortable home is more than just controlling its temperature. It begins with proper ventilation and air conditioning system that improves indoor air quality and controls indoor air humidity. Poor ventilation not only causes health and respiratory issues but also adversely affects your home’s structural integrity as a result of mold and mildew growth.

Air Pollutants

Here in Gilbert, AZ, it is spring meaning the weather is pretty cold, and the likelihood of you contracting the flu or cold is high. Unfortunately, if your indoor air quality is poor, your chances of getting a cold are higher because of the many pollutants and allergens in your home. These include:

• Pet dander
• Dust particles
• Mold spores
• Cleaning product irritants
• Gas fumes

Dust particles are the leading cause of air pollutants and allergens in homes, and they cause sneezing, coughing, and blocked airways.

Source control
Ventilation is the provision of fresh air into your home. To accomplish this, you need to eliminate individual sources of air pollution and reduce emissions. For example, seal any sources that contain asbestos and adjust your gas stove to reduce air pollution.

Mechanical options
The most effective way to reduce air pollutants in your home is by using mechanical systems such as air conditioning systems, air cleaners, and air purifiers. For instance, your HVAC system can contribute to air pollution when its filters are not clean. This results in the circulation of contaminated air in your home, making you and your loved ones sick.

To avoid this, clean your air filters often and schedule regular maintenance and ac repair to ensure there are no clogged vents in your air conditioning system. Alternatively, you can purchase air cleaners or purification systems to clean your air and eliminate any allergens or pollutants.

Besides, air cleaners and air purifiers are a viable option if you plan on doing home renovation projects, such as painting that can contaminate your air.

You don’t have to put up with your allergens when you can quickly improve the indoor air quality of your home. We are here to help you install air purifiers and air filters in your home to improve ventilation and indoor air quality.

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