How to Change The A/C Filter in Your Scottsdale, AZ Home

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In Arizona, an air conditioner is a necessity throughout the majority of the year. With so much demand placed on this unit, it’s important to make sure it’s kept clean. Part of this is changing the filters so air can flow freely throughout your home. Fortunately, this isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. At The Dukes of Air, we’ve shared the easiest method for replacing your filter quickly.

1. Find the Filter Location

The filter on your air conditioning unit can be located in a few different spots, starting with the return air duct. If you don’t see it here, then it might be located near the blower for the furnace (if the filter is shared for both the a/c and filter). It’s also useful to look for metal panels around your blower that are marked with the word “filter”.

If you’re still not sure where the filter is located, don’t worry. You can have an HVAC technician come out and help you find it.

2. Buy the Right Replacement

After turning off your a/c, remove the filter and take a picture of it. It’s important to use a filter that’s the right size so it works as efficiently as possible. When it comes to filtering out the maximum amount of contaminants, you’ll want to find a HEPA filter that has a MERV rating of 10 or more.

If it’s not clear what type of filter your system is currently using, your HVAC tech can help. They can even supply you with a package of filters so you don’t have to figure out where to get them on your own.

3. Replace

With the power to the a/c still off, check if the filter is dirty. If it has a lot of dust or dirt, then replace it with a new one and write down the date you did so.

A Cleaner Arizona Home

Replacing the a/c filter in your Scottsdale, AZ home can help improve your a/c efficiency and air quality. If you need help with any aspect of doing this, give our team at The Dukes of Air a call today.

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