How to Avoid A/C Repair Scams

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The sad reality is that many Phoenix HVAC companies work for a quick buck, often sacrificing the needs of a customer in the process. When temperatures reach highs of 100 degrees or more, a failing A/C needs expert help fast. The last thing you want is a company concerned with making money rather than the customer.

Although preventing such an experience is not 100% possible, you can take steps that reduce the odds you’ll become the next victim of a scrupulous company.

A/C Company Reviews

Search Google for company reviews. Searching for a term like ‘A/C repair in Phoenix’ or ‘Phoenix A/C repair company reviews’ provides insight into information from customers that would otherwise be unavailable. Avoid any company with a bad reputation.

Word-of-Mouth Guidance

Friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers also provide insight into area A/C companies. Don’t hesitate to ask people you know and trust for help and guidance with local companies.

Verification Process

Verify current license through the Arizona state board. Ask for a copy of the company’s insurance certificate. Never hire an HVAC company in Phoenix without these two pieces of information readily available.

Contact Information

Additionally, visit the company’s website, searching for contact information. The company should provide a physical address and telephone number at a minimum. Most also include links to their social media pages.

When in Doubt

Avoid companies that contact you out of the blue soliciting for services. Reach out to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) when in doubt. And always allow your impressions to guide you toward the right Phoenix A/C repair company. If something feels off, continue your search!

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