Factors to Consider in Furnace Replacement

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Whether you’re buying a new furnace for the first time or replacing an existing unit, there are several factors to consider when you’re looking for the right replacement. It is important to consider the type of fuel your unit burns, the costs associated with operating it, and the environment that it’s being used in.


Whether you want to install an electric furnace in your home or replace an existing heater, it’s important to have it sized correctly. The right size will ensure adequate performance and help you save money.

An electric furnace is a large and complicated system. You’ll need to hire a professional HVAC contractor to install the unit. Before hiring an HVAC contractor, get several bids for the job.

The price for an electric furnace replacement varies greatly by region. A quality electric furnace installer will provide a detailed cost list and include the equipment markup, equipment removal fees, and inspection fees in the initial quote.

The average cost for an electric furnace is between $800 and $4,500, depending on the BTUs the unit produces. Electric furnaces are more expensive to operate than gas furnaces, but they also last longer.

Natural gas

Whether you’re looking to replace an old furnace, or just add another one, a gas furnace is an affordable, environmentally-friendly option. They are also easier to install than other heating systems.

Gas furnaces are available in various sizes and efficiency levels. Usually, the more efficient the unit, the more money you will save. There are also mini-splits, which combine heating and cooling in one appliance.

When replacing a furnace, you’ll want to get a detailed installation estimate. This should include all of the equipment manufacturers and model numbers. You’ll also need to have a permit.

Most homes can use alternative fuels, such as natural gas or propane. Depending on your home’s size and location, you may also need to have new ductwork installed. The price for this will depend on the type of ductwork you choose.


Whether you’re replacing your oil furnace or simply doing a bit of maintenance, you should always get the help of an expert. This way, you’ll be able to make the most of the unit and you’ll save money in the long run.

A new oil furnace will last for about 15 to 25 years, depending on your location. If yours is over 15 years old, it’s time to replace it. A new system will have a more efficient design and can save you money on your heating bills.

The new furnace has a lighter heat exchanger, which will help improve the transfer of heat to the air. In addition, an electronic ignition system will allow for less energy usage.

Depending on your budget, you may be able to save a few hundred dollars with an oil furnace replacement. It’s also possible to save money by reusing your old oil tank.

Soot and dust

Keeping your furnace in top shape is important to prevent soot and dust after furnace replacement. The soot and dust that build up in your furnace can be a major fire hazard. It can also pose health risks if people breathe it in.

Soot and dust in your furnace can come from many different sources. These can include candles, fireplaces, and gas appliances. Soot can also collect on the furnace filter. It can also spread through the duct work and closets.

When you have soot in your house, it is important to get professional help. Soot is a corrosive substance and cleaning it up can be tricky. The first step to removing soot is to turn off the furnace. It is also a good idea to put a respirator mask on.

Cost of operation

Choosing the best furnace is about balancing the initial cost with the ongoing costs of operation. The installation and maintenance costs of a new furnace depend on the size of your home, the type of furnace you choose, and the fuel you use.

Gas furnaces cost less to run than electric or oil units. However, they are more expensive to install and maintain. You may want to consider changing your fuel source to lower your utility bills. Alternatively, you can save money by investing in smart technology.

Changing from an oil unit to an electric furnace involves cleaning the ducts and installing new electric units. Electric furnaces have fewer moving parts, making them easier to install.

Oil furnaces are less common than gas or propane models, due to the costs of heating oil. However, they are efficient and produce more BTUs. They are best for northern climates.

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