Is Your Air Conditioner Hurting Your Business?

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Are you a business owner? If so, you need to be aware that your air conditioner can hurt your business, without you even knowing it. That’s right: while you’re focused on the hard work of growing your business, your HVAC system could be causing problems in the workplace that will sabotage your efforts to succeed. Consider these ways that your business might be hurting, in ways you might not even realize.

Turning Off Clients
Are you seeking new clients and trying to grow your book of business? Are you trying to keep existing clients and assure them of your competence? Believe it or not, some of your clients may be too timid to tell you that the room temperature isn’t working for them. Rather than speak up, they may put on a sweater or take off a jacket, but in trying to accommodate a room that isn’t at an appropriate temperature, their minds will wonder, and they won’t be fully focused on what you have to say.

Translation = fewer sales. Your customers won’t hear what you have to say, and you lose your persuasive powers. Maintaining your HVAC system means more than making the room the right temperature. It means you care about creating a comfortable environment for your clients. How is your business doing on this basic need?

Office Thermostat Wars
Are your employees happy at work, or are the office thermostat wars happening underneath your nose? Does the copy room feel blazing hot while the break room feels like an ice box? Air conditioner battles undermine productivity and team morale. An uncomfortable climate makes it difficult to focus on work. A properly working HVAC system will allow the temperature to be controlled without uncomfortable fluctuations. Duct work that hasn’t been checked in far too long can make the problem worse. Would your employees say that the office needs work here?

Explosive Energy Costs
A faulty air conditioning system creates more costs that one that works as intended. Delaying basic maintenance will cost more in the long run. Do you have money to burn? Most business owners don’t. If your energy costs seem too high, they might be, and a consultation with a professional may be helpful.

The Bottom Line
You can attract more clients, keep your employees happy, and reduce your energy costs. However, you need an experienced HVAC professional to help. Let us do the dirty work of checking out the duct work and helping your office achieve its ideal temperature. We’ll help you cool down your energy costs and increase your bottom line!

If you are a commercial business in the Phoenix, AZ metro area especially the East Valley (Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, San Tan Valley Queen Creek and Tempe) contact our commercial AC Repair experts for help with a New AC Unit or Air Conditioner Repairs.

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