5 Most Common Questions About A/C in Chandler AZ

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An air conditioner is a necessity for those who live in Chandler, AZ and the surrounding areas. While most know how to use theirs, troubleshooting and other issues can arise over time. To help you learn more about your air conditioner, we’ve listed the five most common questions we get from our customers along with answers below.

1. How Often Should I Get Maintenance?

At The Dukes of Air, we recommend having maintenance done annually to keep all parts of your a/c running like new. You should also make it a priority to change your air filter monthly to help improve airflow.

2. Why Isn’t the Air Cold Enough?

If the air coming out of your air conditioner isn’t cold enough, first change your air filter to help make sure air can flow through freely. If that doesn’t solve the problem, we recommend gently cleaning the outdoor unit to get rid of any debris around it. If the air still isn’t cold enough, you could have deteriorating insulation, air leaks, and other issues that should be identified and repaired by a trained professional.

3. Why Won’t My A/C Turn On?

In many situations, this is a problem that starts with a malfunctioning thermostat. To see if this is the case for you, then first check that your thermostat is on the “cold” setting and that it’s fully functioning. If you notice any issues, you may need to replace your thermostat.

4. How Can I Reduce Energy Bills?

We recommend using fans indoors in addition to keeping your a/c at around 78 degrees during the summer. It’s also important to make sure your windows stay shut and change your air filters, especially during monsoon season in Chandler, AZ.

5. Should I Replace or Repair My A/C?

The answer for this varies based on the age of your a/c unit, the problems you’re experiencing, and the cost to repair it. In situations where an air conditioner is over 12 years old, we generally recommend replacing it. However, if your a/c is relatively new and you haven’t had it more than five years, then regular repairs will generally be best.

If you need help with Chandler, AZ air conditioning, give our team at The Dukes of Air a call today.

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