5 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair in Gilbert, AZ

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Air conditioning in Gilbert, AZ is not a luxury. It’s a necessity! That’s why it’s so very important to have an air conditioner that runs optimally at all times. If the unit doesn’t, it could end up costing you more money in repair bills and rising utility expenses!

Air Conditioner Problems That Could Potentially Require Repair Work

Learning to recognize the signs of a failing air conditioner allows you to take action right away before the problem worsens. To better prepare for the experience, we’ve listed some of the most common issues that occur with AC units. Reading through the list allows you to recognize if any of the problems are happening with your air conditioning system.

Here are five signs you need air conditioner repair in Gilbert, AZ:

  1. The unit blows hot air. If it isn’t blowing cold air, there could be a problem with the refrigerant. It may have run out without you knowing it did.
  2. There is a weird sound coming out of the AC. Shutting it off and calling a professional is among your best options. They’ll come to your home to diagnose and fix the issue.
  3. You smell an odd odor. The motor may have kicked into overdrive, making it so that it burns out quickly. If you smell something unpleasant, turn off the unit and make a service call right away.
  4. The thermostat reads a different temperature. It could be time to replace the panel. Or, the air conditioner itself could be failing.
  5. Something is leaking from the unit. Water could be from condensation. There may be a bigger problem that needs the work of a trained professional, though.

The list above provides you with a few of the issues that could occur with an AC unit. If something doesn’t seem right when you turn your air conditioner on, it’s time to call a professional to see if there is a problem with the machine. They’ll know quickly if the AC is acting up.

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The Dukes of Air provides air conditioner repair that exceeds your high expectations. See for yourself how our service techs work by calling (480) 773-6565 today. We’re available to answer your questions and schedule a service call to your residence when you contact us.

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