5 Common Air Conditioner Problems for Residents in Phoenix AZ

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A fully functioning air conditioner is essential tool in Phoenix, AZ. However, some issues with these units arise over time as you continue to keep cool air pumping into your home. By being aware of these, you can contact a professional as soon as possible and tackle any issues before they become major problems.

1. Your Air Isn’t Cold

Turning on your air conditioner and feeling hot air can be disheartening, especially when temperatures rise over 100 degrees. Before you begin to worry, look at your air filter to see if it is clogged. In many cases, you may simply need to replace this so air can freely flow through. If this isn’t the issue, then you’ll need a professional to come and check that your freon levels are balanced and all parts inside of the unit are properly working.

2. You’re Hearing a Loud Noise

You’ve just turned on your air conditioner and suddenly you hear a strange noise that definitely isn’t normal. This may mean there is a problem with the air conditioner belt and it needs to be replaced or re-aligned. However, this can also mean that the motor bearings are broken or there’s a problem with the duct work. It’s best to hire a professional to inspect the unit if you’re not able to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

3. Coils are Frozen

If you see frozen coils, this likely means that your a/c unit has been working pretty hard to cool your house down. To help avoid this, you should change out your air filters and make sure your refrigerant levels are balanced. It’s also important to assess the blower fan to make sure it’s working properly.

4. Your Home Isn’t Evenly Cooled

You walk into your kitchen and you’re freezing, but when you walk into your bedroom, you’re hot. If your vents are completely opened, this likely means that you have an unbalanced air system. To correct this, you’ll want to have a professional come and analyze your system to see what’s going on.

5. Your Thermostat is Wrong

If your thermostat is never correct, then you will definitely benefit from investing in a new thermostat. Those that are digital are among the best since they can be controlled from your phone and learn your habits to lower your energy use.

Keep Your A/C Running Strong

If you notice any problems with your air conditioner, including the issues above, contact our team at Arizona’s Dukes of Air. We offer a/c service and maintenance in Phoenix to keep homes cool all throughout the year.

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