AC Unit on But Not Blowing Cold Air

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Your AC unit is on but is not blowing cold air. You must make sure that the temperature is above the thermostat control setting for it to work properly. The thermostat should be set to cool or auto. If it is set to heat, this is another reason for the problem. Replace any batteries if they are low. In case of thermostats that use batteries, check the battery levels and replace them if needed.

Checking if the air handler is on

If your AC unit isn’t blowing cold air, it could be that the air handler is not receiving power. To determine whether the problem is with the air handler, check to see if the power switches are on and both circuits are receiving power. If you see no power coming to the air handler, check the thermostat and make sure it is plugged in and firmly in place.

Checking if the fuse is blown

If you notice that your air conditioner is on but not blowing cold air, you might have a blown fuse. The fuse is responsible for regulating electrical current and is often written on the AC’s access panel. You can also check the manufacturer’s guide for more information. If you find the fuse is blown, make sure the measurements are identical to the ones before attempting to test the unit. If you notice that the AC unit is not blowing cold air, you may need to replace the entire unit.

Checking if the amp breaker hasn’t tripped

If you’re having trouble with your AC unit, you may need to check if the amp breaker hasn’t tripped. Most AC units will have an on-off switch near the outdoor unit. However, you may find that the circuit breaker has tripped more than once. If this happens, the unit might not be blowing cold air at all. Alternatively, the breaker may be tripped due to faulty wiring.

Checking the coils

Your AC might not be blowing cold air, and you may be able to diagnose the issue by inspecting the coils. A dirty coil will reduce the efficiency of your AC, cause your air conditioner to run inefficiently or even cause your entire system to shut down. If you don’t want to mess with the complicated parts of your air conditioner, you should call a professional HVAC technician for a check-up.

Checking the thermostat fan setting

If the AC unit is on but not blowing cold, you may be dealing with a problem with the thermostat fan. The thermostat can accidentally turn the fan off and on, or it could be set to “auto” so that it keeps running all day. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to remember that a malfunctioning thermostat can make it impossible for the AC unit to cool your home.

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