5 Tips to Maintain Your AC Unit in Mesa AZ

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Homeowners and businesses in Mesa, AZ depend on air conditioning to cool their homes nearly year-round. Even during winter months, Mesa temperatures rarely fall below 60 degrees. Nothing is worse than coming home after a long day to discover that your A/C has stopped working. Keep your A/C in good repair and reduce this risk using the five tips below.

1- Change the Air Filter

Change the AC filter once every three months or sooner if it is dirty. Changing the filter ensures cool air circulates through the home without added work on the AC unit. Filters cost $20 or less and take minutes to replace them. Regular filer changes prevent many AC problems and breakdowns. They also ensure your family remains cool and comfortable no matter how hot the Phoenix heat rises.

2- Check the A/C Seals

Each season, check the seals around the air conditioner and the window if there is a window unit in your home. Moisture and condensation can damage the seals. Damaged seals loosen, allowing air to seep out the window.

3- Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats reduce energy usage and costs by at least 10% each year. The thermostats are inexpensive, install quickly, and allow you to adjust temperatures in your home when you are away.

4- Keep it Clean

Use a soft-bristle brush to clean the condenser of an HVAC unit to remove leaves, dead pests, dirt, and other debris that accumulates on the unit. Inspect the unit often and clean as necessary. Most households should clean the condenser every few months.

5- Call a Professional

Schedule AC maintenance with a professional once or twice per year. They’ll inspect the unit, repair any damaged wiring or components, reduce potential breakdowns, and ensure a cool, comfortable home all year round.

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