Is an Energy-Efficient A/C System Upgrade Worth the Investment in Gilbert AZ?

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None Compare to Dukes of Air.

Global warming and erratic weather patterns are becoming the norm. This year, Europe is experiencing record highs as a result of changes in the jet stream. The jet stream is not moving as fast it used to and is also bending and dipping in patterns that we’ve never seen before. It won’t be long before all the polar ice is completely melted during seasonal shifts in the weather. This type of erratic weather is certain to affect your comfort level in the next few years and decades. When you invest in energy-efficient A/C systems, you won’t just save money on the costs of energy because the electronics are better built, but you will also save money because of the climate control. Newer systems allow you to control the climate using computers that will remember when the A/C needs to be on and also which rooms should be cooled during the day or night.

This type of ultra-efficiency will not only save you money today but will also save you the cost of the installation as energy prices continue to climb. In sum, the upgrades pay for themselves down the line, perhaps several times over. An older and inefficient model is rarely worth hanging onto unless you are living paycheck-to-paycheck and simply use it sparingly.

The Jump at the Meter

If you haven’t noticed, the price per kilowatt hour has risen dramatically in the last decade. Ever since incandescent light bulbs were banned, the energy companies have been conniving and working hard to increase the prices. Because most homes now use energy-efficient appliances, lightbulbs, and relatively efficient HVAC systems (compared to 50 years ago), the energy companies had to raise the prices to keep pulling in the same profits.

Now that the prices have reached a palatable plateau for them to enjoy the profits of their works without worries of a better LED bulb coming out or a super-efficient stove, those who act now to upgrade their A/C units are sure to save the most and obtain the most value for their money.

A/C units made today can be 50 percent more efficient at cooling to the same degree as those manufactured in the ’70s. This does not even take into consideration the methods for directing the cooling when and where you want it. New A/C systems in Gilbert AZ can cool specific rooms and change the climate for each individual area for your home.

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