How to Fix Your Noisy Air Conditioner In San Tan Valley

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Spring is here in the San Tan Valley area, and that means it’s time to run your air conditioner. If you’re like most residents in the East Valley and state of Arizona, you rely on your HVAC to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or business. Your AC unit should not only cool the building down, but you should run smoothly and quietly all day or night.

If your air conditioner is so loud it’s making it hard to sleep or hold a normal conversation, then it’s time for a maintenance technician to check it out. While a low level of noise is acceptable, you shouldn’t have to deal with loud noises from your air conditioning unit.

There are a number of reasons that the AC could be making excessive noises such as:

  • Improper installation
  • Worn out compressor
  • Dirty fan blades
  • Loose screws

If you haven’t used your air conditioner for several months, then it’s not unusual for it to gather debris inside of the unit. This can often cause the appliance to become excessively noisy due to dust and dirt being stuck on the fan. Sometimes it just takes a visit from a licensed HVAC technician like ours to get your air conditioner to work efficiently again.

When you schedule a maintenance visit for your HVAC system, the AC repair technician will inspect the unit and ensure it’s clean and in good working order. Any worn-out parts will be noted and can be replaced once you approve it. If the unit is installed incorrectly or there are loose parts that are causing the air conditioner to vibrate and make noise, it can be fixed by correcting the installation issue.

There’s no reason that you should put up with a loud air conditioner this summer. Our friendly HVAC team is here to help you solve your cooling issues when you need us.

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