4 Common Air Conditioning Problems

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Air conditioning is a must-have for homeowners in Queen Creek, AZ. With summer coming into full effect and daily highs increasing steadily, it’s critical that homeowners ensure their air conditioning units are operating at full capacity. While regular inspections are important, homeowners also need to know what to look for. Here, we’ll explore some of the most common air conditioning problems that homeowners should keep in mind when checking on their equipment.

Dirty Air filter

Filters are one of the most important components of an air conditioner. Air is cycled through these filters in order to catch any particles, dust, and dirt before behind funneled back into the home. A common problem facing AC units in Queen Creek, AZ is the presence of a dirty or clogged filter. It’s always important to follow the suggestions from the manufacturer of your filter when it comes to changing and cleaning it. Some last only a month while others can be reused if cleaned properly.

Malfunctioning AC thermostat

Another important factor in your air conditioning system that should always be checked for proper functioning is the thermostat. This device controls your home’s temperature setting. You should keep it out of direct sunlight, clean it inside regularly, make sure its level, and always make sure it’s on. If you still notice some ongoing problems, it might be time to call a professional.

Leaking AC Unit refrigerant

If you’re seeing some liquid leaking from your air conditioning unit, it could be refrigerant. When this happens, your AC won’t be working properly causing temperatures to fluctuate. The precise location of the refrigerant leak will determine the cost of the service, but it’s important to keep an eye out for these common leaks.

Draining clog

Similar to the filter, air conditions have drain lines that also run the risk of becoming clogged over time. Debris like lint, dust, and dirt can pile up in this drain line, leading to a malfunctioning AC unit and even potential damage. When clogged, your AC’s drain pan can fill up with water and eventually overflow.

If you notice any of these AC unit common problems, feel free to reach out to us for free estimate on a New AC Unit or AC Repair in Queen Creek

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