Don’t Ignore Weird Noises Coming from Your Chandler Home’s AC!

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It is easy to get used to some of the sounds that your air conditioner makes. But there are some sounds that you should never get used to coming from your Chandler home’s AC unit. If you hear the following four sounds, it is usually time to call for service before your system breaks down.

#1. Screeching

Do you hear a screeching metal on metal sound when your air conditioner comes on or when it shuts down? It is possible that the bearings in its fan motor are wearing out. You will want to call for service as soon as possible because this can cause your fan motor to seize. This could cause additional damage to your system and leave you without air conditioning.

#2. Squealing

A squealing sound coming from your unit’s inside component could mean that its fan belt is worn, or it has slipped out of place. You can still use your air conditioner, but you should call for service because the belt will eventually break, and your AC will no longer work.

#3. Clanking or Banging

When you hear a clanking or banging sound coming from your outdoor condenser unit, it is usually one of two things. There might be something inside the unit, like a stick or some other debris that the fan is hitting. The second reason for such a noise could be that the fan blade is damaged or loose and is hitting the inside of the cabinet as it wobbles. If you see a stick, first shut down your unit, and then remove it. If that does not solve the problem, call for service.

#4. High-Pitched Hissing or Scream

If you hear a high-pitched hissing or scream coming from your air conditioner’s outside unit, immediately turn off your AC. It could be a sign that pressure has built up in your unit’s compressor. This is a dangerous situation for your system. Call for service to have your system inspected.

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