3 Reasons Why Seasonal Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important in Chandler AZ

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Every business in Arizona understands the need to have a good air conditioning system in the heat of summer. Temperatures average over 100 degrees during these months. Keeping units in tip-top shape is crucial for three huge reasons.

Keeping energy costs at a minimum

Angie’s List says that an HVAC unit can lose up to five percent of the operating power and efficiency without a regular check-up. How much your business spends on cooling costs can increase significantly with each passing year without maintenance. An efficient cooling system will keep you and your customers from facing sweltering heat at peak temperatures.

Extending the life of the equipment

Properly maintained equipment lasts longer. Plus, clean coils and fans create less drag on the system. Business owners can save nearly 15 percent of the bill each month just by getting a yearly check-up. This exam is especially important in arid climates like Arizona. Just like tuning up a vehicle, properly maintaining the HVAC system ensures owners get the most life out of the product.

Avoiding emergency repairs and costs

The maintenance technician will clean several components and check them for damage that could signal a potential breakdown. The refrigerant lines and coolant levels are just a part of the system. The motor and blowers need inspecting each year. The HVAC technician will also check all connections, the coils, and drain hoses to ensure nothing is amiss. If there is a problem, then the repair specialist can notify business owners allowing them to get ahead of the problem. Instead of a massive replacement bill, company owners will only need to pay a small repair fee.

Without regular maintenance for air conditioning systems in Chandler AZ, business owners face extreme temperatures, long waits for service, and a huge repair or replacement bill. To save the hassle, time, and cost, it is crucial to pay for a maintenance check and cleaning before the hottest temperatures hit. Winter is an excellent time to schedule these checks in the west because there are fewer people booking appointments at that time of year.

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