A/C Unit Not Cooling Your Tempe Home? What To Do Next

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After coming home from a long day at the office, the one thing you are looking forward to is walking through your front door into a nice, cool home. However, if you open the front door and the inside feels as hot as the outside, you’ve got a problem with your A/C unit. When situations such as this develop, customers want trained experts who can respond immediately, fix the problem, and not charge them a high amount for doing so. In Tempe and other nearby areas in Arizona, this means placing a call to the Dukes of Air.

Factory-Trained Technicians
If you call on those who refer to themselves as A/C pros but who lack the factory training to properly service various makes and models of A/C units, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Along with failing to properly troubleshoot the problem, these technicians may actually make things much worse before they are done. Rather than be stuck with an A/C unit that is in worse shape than when the technician arrived, rely on our factory-trained service technicians here at the Dukes of Air.

Maintenance Plans
Since the weather in Tempe and other Arizona communities requires the almost constant use of your A/C unit, you of course want to make sure it is always in top condition. To do so, it is often best to purchase a maintenance plan for your system. By doing so with us here at the Dukes of Air, you can be sure your system will not only receive periodic inspections to ensure all is well, but also priority service should a problem arise. In fact, even if your A/C dies on a Sunday when we are usually closed, one of our highly-trained technicians will visit your home and make sure your A/C is once again doing its job.

If your Tempe home is so hot you can now fry an egg on your floor, don’t hesitate to get your A/C unit fixed by contacting us here at the Dukes of Air. To do so, call 480-773-6565

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