5 Signs You Need A New Air Conditioner

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Described by some as a luxury, to most, air conditioning is a dire necessity needed to survive the hot and humid summer months. Though air conditioning systems can perform at optimal levels for years, like all appliances, will one day require replacing.

The Dukes Of Air, an air conditioning repair company serving the needs of Gilbert, Mesa residents and those residing in other cities situated within Arizona’s East Valley, invites you to read this short piece highlighting various signs that your system might need replacing.

Warm Or Limited Air Circulation

If your air conditioner circulates warm air or limited cold air, a variety of mechanical problems could be at work. In some cases, these problems are precipitated by several co-existing issues that might suggest that replacement is necessary.

Unusual Or Bad Odors

Air conditioning units should never give off a foul odor. Should this occur, serious underlying problems like failing components, faulty electrical wiring or fluid leaks might be occurring. Any of these maladies typically prove costly to remediate and replacement is a more viable option.

Loud Or Disturbing Sounds

Your unit should not emit any loud or bothersome noises. Sounds like screeching, banging, rattling and scraping, particularly in older units often indicate the presence of a tired component and usually indicates replacement is indicated.

The Presence Of Leaks Or Excess Moisture

A limited amount of condensation is normal and nothing to be concerned about. However, if you notice large amount of condensation accumulating on your unit or significant pooling of water or other fluids on the surrounding ground, problems like a clogged condenser pipe, a broken condenser or a refrigerant leak may be in play.

Exceedingly High Electric Bills

Granted, air conditioners utilize significant quantities of electricity. Ergo, your electric bill will rise during the summer months. However, if you notice that these charges have skyrocketed, chances are your system is stricken with some underlying issue depleting its efficiency.

Contacting Us

If you experience any of the preceding problems, we strongly urge you to contact us. One of our highly trained, experienced and licensed HVAC technicians will perform a complete system evaluation and help you determine if replacement is the best option.

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