4 Signs You Have a Bad Thermostat

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A bad thermostat causes an A/C to stop working without notice. In a city with temperatures as hot as Phoenix, an improperly functioning A/C unit is bad news, even during the cooler days of the year. Call our professional HVAC techs when signs suggest a thermostat issue. Most problems with the thermostat have simple solutions, but it is up to you to make the call.


Signs Your Thermostat Has Gone Bad

Common signs that suggest a bad thermostat include:

– Thermostat stops cooling

– Furnace does not turn on

– Thermostat does not change temperature

– Unit short cycles

Any problem that affects the cool comfort in your home is one that needs prompt attention, more often than not from an A/C repair expert in Phoenix. Troubleshooting the thermostat before you call may save time and money if minor problems affect the A/C unit. It never hurts to check the temperature on the thermostat before you call, for example.

Keep in mind that this list does not include all potential signs that suggest your thermostat has gone bad, but instead looks at some of the most common. When these issues occur, call a Phoenix A/C repair expert at once.

Thermostat Replacement Costs

The fear of thermostat replacement cost stops many homeowners from making the call when they notice A/C trouble. Let go of that fear because thermostat replacement cost is likely much less money than you imagined.

The average cost to replace a thermostat in Phoenix ranges from $250 – $325. Numerous factors dictate the final cost, including the type of thermostat and company chosen for the work.

Replacing the thermostat at the first sign of trouble resolves many additional problems and expenses and ensures your family is cool and comfortable no matter how hot the temperature outside climbs.

If you would like a FREE Estimate on replacing your thermostat and all of the thermostat options call us today for more info.

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