3 Reasons to Turn Your Air Conditioner During the Winter

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As a Phoenix, Arizona, resident, you are likely enjoying the cool temperatures of winter and your air conditioner has been turned off for weeks. While you probably won’t need to turn on the air conditioner for a few more months, now is a great time to make sure your AC unit is running properly. You don’t want to be stuck with a malfunctioning air conditioner when the temperature starts to rise.

Make Sure Your AC Is Pest Free

Unfortunately, your air conditioner appliance makes a perfect home for household pests. A good way to ensure there are no unwanted house guests in the AC is to turn it on. Some insects like ants and cockroaches are attracted to the moisture that may still be in the vents and air conditioner. Mice, rats and even snakes might find your AC system to be an attractive place where they won’t be disturbed. If you do find pests in your AC unit, then contact an HVAC professional for maintenance right away.

Check For Proper Placement

During the winter, the cold weather may cause your home’s structure to shrink or expand. This may affect your AC unit’s integrity. You should check to ensure your AC appliance is level and attached properly for maximum efficiency. If your air conditioner makes a rattling sound when it’s turned on, contact a licensed HVAC contractor to assess your unit.

Schedule A Winter Maintenance Appointment

Winter is a great time to contact your local HVAC company to get an AC check-up. There’s no reason to wait until the warm weather when you’ll really need the air conditioner to work properly. Air conditioner maintenance will provide you with cool air all summer long. You’ll get the added benefit of an efficient AC unit that you can rely on

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