3 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor in Chandler, AZ

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Are you thinking of repairing or replacing your air conditioning system? If so, choosing the right contractor goes a long way in eliminating cold and hot spots in your home and increasing the longevity of your unit.

Additionally, asking the right questions can help you understand the replacement or repair process and how to maintain your system. Here are three questions to ask your HVAC contractor here in Chandler, AZ.

1. What type of AC system do you recommend?
It’s crucial to find out which air conditioning unit suits your cooling needs and your home’s size. The houses built in Chandler, AZ, are different, and what works for your neighbor may not work for you. Therefore, asking your AC contractor what they recommend is the best way to get a system that meets your budget and needs.

For instance, a small house can function properly with a single unit air conditioner. In contrast, for a large home, a central unit air conditioner is more cost-effective and efficient. Additionally, ask your AC contractor why they recommend the system. Is it because it’s energy-efficient? Or does it have advanced features such as zoned cooling?

2. How can I maintain my new air conditioning system?
Once your contractor installs your new AC unit, it’s essential to learn how to maintain it as different systems have different recommendations for maintenance. Knowing how to maintain your air conditioning system increases not only its longevity but also enhances its functionality.

Some questions you should ask include:
• How often should I replace or clean my filters?
• How often should the unit be checked?

Luckily, your AC contractor can also provide maintenance services to correct minor problems before they escalate to severe issues.

3. How long will the installation or repair process take?
Summers in Chandler, AZ, can be hot and dry, and you’ll need to repair or replace your inefficient AC immediately to relieve you from the heat. Hence, getting a time frame for the project is vital as you need your system up and running as soon as possible.

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