3 Easy Ways to Protect Your A/C from Dust Storms in Tempe, AZ

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Having an air conditioner in Tempe, AZ is crucial to living a comfortable life indoors. To ensure your unit works as it should, regular maintenance is crucial. With the expertise of a professional technician, issues are likely to be caught before they become bigger problems. In addition to this, you can do a few things to protect your unit as it sits outdoors. With this attention to care, you can keep this investment protected from the outdoor elements.

1. Buy a Cover

In Tempe, the wind can blow a lot of dirt and dust around your yard. Over time, this can build up on your a/c unit and impact its ability to function. If you’d like to protect the exterior, you can easily do so with an air conditioner cover. These are made with a thin and stretchy material that covers the unit to protect it from dirt, dust, and debris. Since the material is lightweight, it won’t impact the unit’s ability to function.

2. Build a Privacy Fence

If a cover doesn’t offer the look that you’re going for, you can place a privacy fence around your air conditioner. This will protect it from debris and dust that are common with wind storms in the Phoenix area. An added benefit is that this looks aesthetically appealing and can be made to fit in with your particular outdoor design.

3. Clean it Regularly

Being proactive with cleaning your air conditioner can keep it running like new for longer. Fortunately, this is easily done with a simple outdoor garden hose and sprayer. All you have to do is spray a gentle stream of water on the unit to blast away any debris that builds up on the exterior over time. Cleaning a couple of times per year should be enough to keep the unit in good shape. However, if there are frequent dust storms in your area, you may want to increase the frequency of cleaning.

Is Your A/C Working Like Normal?

Protecting your air conditioner is one of the best ways to increase the life of it. However, it’s no substitute for professional A/C maintenance in Tempe, AZ. By having an experienced HVAC technician perform maintenance and repairs, you can keep your a/c running as you need it to throughout the year.

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