3 Benefits of Zoned Cooling in Arizona

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A zoned HVAC system can result in significant energy savings, especially in Arizona where high energy bills are common. Zoned HVAC systems uses a series of electronically controlled dampers to move cooled air into certain areas of the home at certain times. For example, a zoned system may allow cool air to enter the bedrooms at 3 AM but not the kitchen and living room that isn’t likely to be in use at that time. There are many ways that a zoned system can make living in a home more enjoyable.

Energy Savings

In order to reduce energy costs, many homeowners increase the temperature on their thermostats to a level above where they are comfortable. With zoned cooling, those areas of the home that are most used can be kept at a comfortable temperature. Other areas of the home that are not used as much can be left at a higher temperature. By cooling only certain areas of the home, the homeowner can achieve an overall savings without sacrificing comfort.

Trouble Areas

Many homes have areas that either stay cooler or warmer than the rest of the home. Whether this is due to large windows, inefficient insulation, duct access or other problems, zoned heating and cooling can help to make this room or space comfortable. Zoned cooling can make an unused area of the home into a more usable and enjoyed area.


Life doesn’t always follow a schedule. While many people worry about having a programmable thermostat and zoned ductwork, it is easy to override the system as needed. A person can choose to change the temperature in any zone at any time. Depending on the system, the temperature can even be adjusted remotely via a smart phone or other internet connection.

If you are ready to add zoned heating and cooling to your Phoenix metro area home, or simply have more questions, contact the Dukes of Air.

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