Top Benefits of an A/C Tune-Up After it Cools Down in Arizona

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In a city that averages a year-round high temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit, a properly working A/C is a must. Some months in Phoenix reach double digit temperatures which become unbearable without cool, crisp air flowing through the home. Schedule an A/C tune-up now to reduce the risks of a breakdown during the hot days in Phoenix.

Necessary once or twice per year, an A/C tune-up is a basic inspection of your unit. An expert looks for signs of damage, wear and tear, etc. during the inspection. He will repair any problems that he finds so there is less risk that your unit breaks down or stops working at the worst possible time. The tune-up also includes condenser coil cleaning, checking refrigerant levels, thermostat calibration, and tightening all electrical parts.

The purpose of the tune-up is to keep the unit working in best condition. The A/C works hard to cool your Phoenix home all year long. This takes a toll on many of the components inside ethe A/C unit. The tune-up corrects the issues before they cause major trouble in your home.

Tune-up service costs less than a repair and eliminates the unbearable heat that comes when the A/C goes out. The cost of the tune-up varies from one home to the next. Factors like the brand of A/C unit, problems found during the inspection, etc. affect the rate, although companies oftentimes offer flat-rate fees for the service.

The tune-up also prolongs the life expectancy of the unit, so you get maximum value from the unit. No matter the type of unit used in the home, replacing it costs a lot of cash. Tune-ups ensure you are not replacing the air conditioner sooner than necessary. You gain peace of mind and assurance in your A/C unit after a regularly scheduled tune-up.

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