Spring Cleaning In Tempe AZ? Add Your Air Conditioner To The List

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When it’s spring in Tempe, AZ it’s a great time to clean out your home and get it ready for the season. While you’re doing all that decluttering and planning your next garage sale, don’t forget about giving your air conditioner some TLC too. Don’t wait until the hot days of summer to take care of your cooling unit when you really need it. Consider these facts about your air conditioner:

Your AC unit has been sitting idle for months, which means it has dirt and grime built up on the filters, fan and other mechanical parts of the system. There may be damage caused by pests over the winter that you’re unaware of. The HVAC may be past its prime and need a complete overhaul or to be replaced.

A well maintained cooling system means you’ll stay comfortable all summer long. You could try cleaning and replacing parts yourself, but hiring a professional HVAC technician will save you time and money in the long run. Here’s what a heating and cooling expert can do for your AC:

  • Change or clean the filters
  • Check the ductwork for damage from pests or debris
  • Replace worn mechanical parts
  • Clean and clear drain lines, pans, condensers and coils
  • Inspect the vents for blockage
  • Check temperatures in each room

If your air conditioner is on the older side, then it may be a good time to replace it. HVAC professionals can give you advice about products and even do the installation for you for a wonderfully cool home for the summer. Something to keep in mind about your HVAC is if you wait too long, then it may be hard to schedule an appointment with a reputable HVAC company.

Why wait? Contact our friendly team of heating and cooling experts in Tempe, AZ today for AC maintenance, AC repair and AC Unit installations.

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