How an Air Conditioning Maintenance Company Can Save You Money on Repairs

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If you live in Arizona, your air conditioner is your life, the only respite from the sometimes face-melting heat of the Grand Canyon State. Without that homey bubble of cool, refreshing air, we’d be no different than the animals out in the desert. Sure, we’d have better shoes, and we have cell phones, but other than that there’d be absolutely no difference.

There’s only one way to keep that sanctuary of AC running, and it’s something you probably already know: regular maintenance.

We like to think our machines just work work work and then break one day, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. But that isn’t true. Machines stop working because we break them, or ignore them until they snap. So how do we prevent it?

The Average Life of an Air Conditioner

Whether you’re in Tempe, Gilbert, or Apache Junction, you are probably cranking that AC a large portion of the year. And that kind of regular use, while absolutely necessary, can exhaust even the finest AC unit.

Did you know that in Arizona, air conditioners use up 1/4th of all energy being used in the home? That’s four times higher than the rest of the nation! If you live in Arizona that won’t come as a huge surprise, but it does go to show you just how much your AC is slaving away compared to the other states in the union.

In theory, you can expect anywhere from a decade to two decades of use out of your air conditioner, but again, that’s not just a “set it and forget it” lifespan estimation.

That estimate assumes regular air conditioner maintenance, care, and parts replacement. If you don’t keep up on those things, you can bet your britches you’ll be shelling out for an air conditioning replacement earlier than you’d like. And that’s money. A LOT of money.

Stay Healthy, for Your Body and Your Wallet

Though air conditioner systems breaking down is a fear we all share, the dangers of avoiding regular HVAC maintenance could be more severe.

A poorly maintained heating and air conditioning system could lead to health risks. Respiratory issues and mold are just a few factors to consider. The CDC recommends routine maintenance such as filter changes, drip pan sterilization, drip line checks, water damage assessment, and mold or excessive dust inspections in every part of the system.

While something like a filter change can be done without professional help, many of the other jobs may be a bit too big or complex to handle safely on your own. Heck, even if you’re a regular tool-slinging expert, checking all that stuff on your own may just be something you don’t have the time for.

A good air conditioner maintenance company will test for things like indoor air quality, and seek ways to improve it. Not only can this save you and your family potential medical bills down the line, it can also save you money on air purifiers, mold inspection and removal, and an entire host of issues that can bog down any home owner.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner Maintenance Company

You’re going to want an HVAC service you can trust, considering the investment you’ve made (or the future cost of AC replacement or heating system replacement). So how do you choose?

1 – Go Local

The 1st step is to find a service near you.  If we’re looking at Arizona, and you live in the valley, consider a service that can hit Ahwatukee, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Scottsdale, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Mesa, and Paradise Valley at the very least.

2 – Look at Reviews

Whether on Yelp, the website of the services themselves, or anywhere you can find local business reviews, you’ll want to make sure you’re in good hands. You’re going to want a service that is customer-focused, treats their clients well, can be trusted to answer the phone at any time, and have a history of knowledgeable technicians with a proven high-level of training.

3 – Consider Awards

Look for a local business who has distinguished themselves from the competition. For instance, the Dukes of Air, a Dukes of Hazzard-themed HVAC maintenance company, earned the “Family Business of the Year” award in 2016 from the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce. It takes a solid foundation of exemplary service to get attention from a city government, so consider a local business like the Dukes when looking at your AC and heating maintenance needs.

Go with Your Gut

Once you’ve considered all the above options carefully and done your research, you’re going to have to make a gut call. The right air conditioning maintenance service can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your HVAC system, while the wrong choice can be lead to pain, suffering, and let’s be honest, maybe even heartbreak.

So remember: the key to keeping your home cool at an affordable price is regular maintenance by expert technicians. Look for a local Arizona service with good reviews and outside acknowledgement of excellence.

Keep your house comfortable, safe, and with great indoor air quality. Go with the experts.

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