How an AC Unit Tune Up Works

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An efficient AC unit can make life much simpler in the summer months. But to keep it running optimally and safely, regular maintenance is necessary – the best way to do this is by scheduling an AC Unit Tune Up appointment. Also, the best time to schedule an AC unit tune up is before it gets hot here in Arizona.

A tune-up is also the ideal time to detect any minor issues with your unit that might not otherwise be noticed. This enables technicians to address them before they become larger, costlier AC repairs, which in turn saves you money on energy bills.

How an AC Unit Tune Up Works

The initial step of an AC Tune Up is a comprehensive inspection of your air conditioning unit. This includes checking the evaporator coils and condenser coils for dirt or debris buildup. Furthermore, any signs of rust, corrosion or water damage will be detected and addressed promptly.

Next, the HVAC technician will check your refrigerant levels. A low refrigerant level could indicate a leak; they then add the appropriate amount of refrigerant to resolve this problem.

Additionally, the Air Conditioning technician will inspect your filters to make sure they are clean and not damaged or clogged. They also ensure all electrical components in your air conditioning system are functioning correctly, including capacitors and contactors that don’t need replacing.

Finally, the technician will inspect your condensate drain line. This pipe transports moisture away from your AC unit as it cools the air in your home. If clogged, it could prevent proper cooling and may even stop working altogether.

AC Unit Drain Line

It’s essential that the technician inspect this drain line to guarantee its functionality before summer begins. Most units have sensors which automatically shut off the unit if something isn’t right with the line.

Once the air conditioning unit has been cleaned, a professional will lubricate all moving parts – including fans and motors – with oil. This reduces wear-and-tear on the unit, thus increasing its lifespan.

An AC unit tune up also has the added advantage of increasing its efficiency. A properly maintained unit will operate at its peak performance, using less energy to keep your house cool.

By doing this, you’ll reduce your energy expenses since your AC unit won’t need to work as hard or long to cool your house down; thus, saving money on your electricity bill!

Do you have any questions about the advantages of an AC unit tune up? Look no further than Arizona’s Dukes of Air for all answers and to help book a tune-up today!

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