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Summer is here, and you may be considering using a fan instead of an air conditioner. There are a variety of reasons to forego the air conditioner like cutting down on the electric bill or that you simply think you won’t need an AC unit. Perhaps you’re moving into a rental unit with no air conditioner, and you’d rather not spend the money to buy one. It’s feasible in some climates to get through summer without the benefits of AC, but in Tempe, AZ, having a good air conditioner is a must. Let’s consider the difference between air conditioners and fans.

What Can A Stand Alone Fan Do For Your Home?

There are many benefits to having fans in your home. For one thing, they come in a wide range of prices and can fit into any budget. They are easy to move and can travel with you when you move. Fans work to circulate the air, but the downside is they don’t lower the temperature. While fans are great when it comes to creating airflow, they also won’t remove the humidity from your home. The settings on fans typically come in a limited range, so it can be hard to create a comfortable indoor climate.

The Benefits Of Air Conditioners

You may think air conditioners are expensive, but like fans, they come in a variety of prices and sizes. If you have a small space, then you can opt for a budget-friendly unit. Air conditioners don’t just move air around, they actually pull moisture from the air and create cool temperatures inside. Unlike electric fans, AC units allow you to control your indoor environment. This is important in Arizona where the mid-summer temperatures can climb above 100 degrees. There are a variety of ways to control your air conditioner to create a perfect environment.

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