Are These AC Myths Costing You Money?

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We often hear people tout setting their AC super low at the first signs of the great outdoors heating up. Being hot isn’t comfortable but neither is paying too much for your utility bill. But setting the thermostat low doesn’t cool your home faster and bring you back to the level of comfort you love – it just costs more money and puts unneeded stress on your unit. Maybe you’re thinking that you need to get a larger unit installed or close some vents in an effort to get cool more quickly. That’s why we are here for you and why we care. You don’t need a larger unit to find relief from the heat – if your unit is old, rusty and inefficient, then we should talk, but for your summer time use, even hot days in spring and fall, using your AC smartly will be enough. Check out these myths we’ve busted and why:

1.       Cool your home faster by turning the thermostat way down – The truth is, no matter the setting, your AC unit will run at the same pace. Setting your AC as close to the outside temp as you are comfortable will save you money.

2.       The larger the AC unit the better it works – You’ll wear out a larger unit much faster if it’s too big for your home. The compressor will be forced to turn on and off quickly; this uses more electricity and shortens the lifespan.

3.       Save energy by turning off the AC when you’re not home – Turning your unit off means it will need to work that much harder to cool your home to your comfort level. It’s best to adjust the thermostat a few degrees rather than a total shut-down.

4.       Air conditioning causes summer colds – Viruses cause colds, not AC. It’s possible you’re dealing with allergies and a clean filter or duct cleaning is a great option.

5.       Air filters only need to be replaced annually – Air filters need to be changed regularly to keep your unit running efficiently and the air flowing properly.

6.       Use your old AC unit until it breaks and then get it replaced – Although a new efficient unit will cost upfront, you’ll save money and not pay for needless repairs on a unit that costs more to run due to inefficiency.

7.       You can put the Thermostat anywhere in your home; location doesn’t matter – A central location in your home, away from heat/cooling sources, will give the best temperature reading.

8.       Keep rooms cooler with fans – Fans can cool you down, but not your room. They do not affect air temperature.

9.       Close vents in unused rooms to save money and energy – Doing this causes pressure to build in your ducts, affects the air distribution and makes your unit work harder.

10.   Your air conditioner will run/cycle less with the ceiling fans on all the time – Again, fans don’t change the air temperature, they circulate. They don’t aid in your AC unit working efficiently.

11.   A newer AC unit doesn’t need regular checkups; it’s a waste of time and money – Checkups mean you can keep your new unit running efficiently for as long as possible or even extend the lifespan.

Now that you’ve seen the myths busted and why, try some of these points and see how it changes your utility bill and comfort level. Let us know how you’re doing and if we can assist you with maintenance checks or other items. We’re here to help and serve you.

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