As the Weather Gets Cooler in AZ Schedule an Annual AC Maintenance Tune Up

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There might be a day in time when the air conditioner stops working. In Arizona, that’s an unthinkable situation anytime of the year since heat fills the air every month. In as little as two hours, your home can reach temperatures well above 100 degrees F without a properly working AC unit. Preventing unit breakdown before it happens is the best solution.

The odds your AC unit will endure such an experience increases without annual maintenance. Our professional service inspects the AC unit for damages and repairs anything standing in the way of proficient operation. Faulty wires, damages components, and worn out parts are issues professional often find during inspections. Your AC works hard to cool the home. Without proper care, the exhausting heat takes its toll on the unit fairly quickly. Repair the issues before trouble begins and sweltering in the heat is the last worry you’ll face.

Regular AC maintenance prolongs the life expectancy of the unit and reduces the need for costly repairs. The average AC repair is just over $200. This adds up if you need regular AC repairs. Keep more money in your pocket and avoid the need for repairs by scheduling maintenance service. You’ll get the full life expectancy from the unit when it is properly maintained. After an AC maintenance check, energy efficiency improves comfort for everyone in the home as it lowers the costs of keeping the place cool.

Temperatures in Arizona often exceed 90 degrees most days of the week throughout the year. Even during the cooler months of January and February, temperatures near 80 degrees and sometimes higher. A properly working AC unit is an essential component in any Arizona home.

Schedule annual AC maintenance so your unit is ready to keep it cool all year long as well keep the heater working in the one or two months we need it.

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