9 Critical Parts Of An Air Conditioner to Function Properly

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On hot summer days and nights, homeowners turn to their air conditioners to provide relief from scorching temperatures and uncomfortable humidity. However, few, if any, stop to consider the working parts that comprise these units and enable them to function properly.

Here at Arizona’s Dukes Of Air, an air conditioning repair company serving the residents of Mesa, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and neighboring Arizona regions, we like to help homeowners and commercial businesses understand what can be causing their AC Unit not to function properly. Below find more information on air conditioning components that we can inspect and check for you to make sure they are working properly and in good shape.


The compressor is a large pump that helps execute the critical role of processing refrigerant gas into liquid. This substance is vital to a unit’s optimal function.


The condenser works in tandem with the compressor. This feature vents the refrigerant gas when said vapor is in its hottest form. When the vapor is vented enough, the consider then submits it to the compressor to be turned into liquid form.


This component turns refrigerant into gas. Once the gas cools, said vapor removes the humidity from surrounding air.

Expansion Valve

Expansion valves work in conjunction with the evaporator. This part’s job is to regulate the flow of liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator.

Evaporator Coil

The condenser coil is a piece of insulated wiring that transports heated refrigerant.

Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coils absorb heat from inside the room or structure it services. Once the heat is removed, the cooling and dehumidifying processes can commence.


As an air conditioning unit cranks, the system often generates significant heat. The fan prevents the refrigerant from growing excessively overheated and cools other systemic components.


This feature ultimately dispenses cool air indoors. Moreover, said component absorbs warm air to be re-processed and sent back indoors as cool air.

Air Filter

As the air conditioner processes greater air concentrations, tiny particles of environmental debris, such as, dirt, dust and allergens can sneak into the unit. The filter collects these materials and prevents them from threatening the working order of the machine’s mechanical components.

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