5 Tips for Preparing Your AC Unit for Colder Weather

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It’s gratifying to turn on the AC on a hot summer day and have it work perfectly all summer long. The chance of that happening is greater if you’ve prepared your AC unit over the winter first. These five easy tips will help you get your AC unit cold-weather-ready so that your summers are cooler the following year.

1. Shut down your AC unit.

When you believe it’s too cold outside to use your AC inside for the remainder of the year, shut it down to save energy. That’s because some AC condensers contain a compressor that uses lubrication oil. A tiny heater heats the oil and runs all of the time.

Turn off your AC unit at the circuit breaker. Alternatively, use the disconnect breaker located outside. Contact a certified AC professional to be sure you do this safely.

2. Remove debris.

Because of its partially flat surface, it’s common to misuse the AC unit as a table. Remove tree branches, leaves, water bottles, and anything that doesn’t belong on it or that is leaning against it, such as rakes.

3. Hose it down

Use a garden hose to clean around your AC unit. This will keep it free from insects and dirt. Matter of fact, it’s a good idea to put it on your maintenance calendar to do a rinsing at the beginning of each season.

4. Use a rust protectant.

Rust prematurely wears down unprotected AC units after a rainy winter season. To counter the damaging effects of rust, use a quality corrosion inhibitor/rust protectant spray, liquid, or paste. Your AC system will likely last longer.

5. Clear the area around your AC unit.

Cut the tree limbs, trim bushes far back enough to get through the cold season. Otherwise, strong winds could carry torn branches, leaves, and other debris around your AC unit.

You can lower the incidents of your AC not starting up in the spring and summer by preparing it for winter. If you notice any issues, contact one of our Dukes of Air experts to diagnose the problem. We provide AC Repair service in the East Valley, Gilbert, and Mesa, AZ, so contact us today!

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