4 Primary Air Conditioner Repair Tips in Gilbert, AZ

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Ensuring a continuing maintenance cycle for your AC system allows you to enjoy excellent performance. Minor issues can result in severe disruption if you do not fix them. Your system is inefficient unless it can balance the atmosphere all the time irrespective of the climate. Identify any signs of problems, and carry out repair tasks, whenever a fault happens. Here are several common issues to watch.

1. Air Filters
An AC air condition gets less efficient if the filters get dirty. That way, the utility cost increases as the life expectancy of your system reduces. Replacing the air filters more often is one of the simple maintenance practices you can perform. Some models use air filters that you can wash and replace. You can clean or replace your filters after three months if you live in a hot region.

2. Leaking Refrigerant
Your Ac air condition cools the environment through the help of the refrigerant. Leakage in your system, however, minor, makes the conditioner less effective in cooling your home.

During your annual maintenance, ensure to examine the refrigerant. Replace any missing coolant, and fix leakages. You can contact Arizona’s Dukes of Air for assistance in case of complex maintenance tasks in Gilbert, AZ.

3. Failed Thermostat
If your AC malfunctions, there are obvious issues that you should check. Among them is a faulty thermostat. A defective piece requires you to replace it for your AC to function well. If you have any problem replacing the thermostat, ensure to contact an expert immediately.

4. A Noisy AC System
If you realize noise coming from your unit as it runs, you should call an expert for repair. It may produce a popping, creaking, or a banging sound. Squeaking noise may indicate an issue with the belt, while a crack and pop show that there could be a ductwork problem.

A failing AC system causes an awful situation in your home. Constant maintenance practices help reduce costs and improve performance. If you have a problem with your Ac system that has failed to respond despite your maintenance, you can call our Gilbert and Mesa AZ HVAC technicians from Arizona’s Dukes of Air today for excellent services.

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