4 Common Air Conditioning Problems We Can Fix For You

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There are a lot of AC problems that professionals see when they’re on the job. Depending on what type of system is involved, the problem can be simple or elaborate. Knowing what the most common problems and signs to watch out for will provide you with some insight into the world of air conditioner repair.

Broken Thermometer
Without a functioning thermometer, your air conditioner won’t know the right time to turn on and off. You’ll probably notice that your home doesn’t feel like it’s the temperature you set the thermostat to. The sensors on a thermometer can break completely, or it may start to fail slowly over time.

AC Unit Turning On and Off Frequently
In the heat of the summer, some homes will frequently experience the air conditioning cycling on and off in order to keep the temperature consistent. If this isn’t a normal occurrence, there could be problems with the wiring or power source. Electrical problems aren’t something you want to neglect.

Dead AC Unit
If your air conditioning isn’t turning on at all, this usually means there’s a complete loss of power. You could have a small electrical fire on the interior of your unit that resulted in broken wires. You might not even know this happened if the fire put itself out right away.

During the process of cooling your home, water will condense within your air conditioning system. When the water accumulates around the AC coils, it will drip down into a drainage pump. You shouldn’t see any kind of fluid accumulation near your furnace or AC unit if everything is functioning properly. With electrical being present in your AC unit, you don’t want to see water where it shouldn’t be located.

If you notice a problem with your air conditioning unit, it’s important to bring in a professional that can help diagnose the issue and make necessary repairs. Our HVAC experts at Dukes of Air are ready to help anyone in the Arizona area that is in need of AC service or repairs.

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